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In need of a Freelance Graphic Designer?
I provide quick professional graphic design for small to large businesses.

I am a Graphic Designer with over 25 years experience who can take direction from written or spoken ideas and convert them seamlessly into graphics, images, layouts and other designs.

I can create a wide range of graphic products including: logos, brochures, signs, banners,
vehicle lettering, business cards, invitations, cards, menus, newspaper ads and layouts. The
challenge of creating the intricate, the stylistic and the imagined is welcome in my graphic
interests and capabilities.

I am well experienced with the daily pressure of reacting to rapid changes and approaching deadlines demanding timely successful outcomes. Clients can expect reliable consultations about design, specifications, quotes, deadlines and any variables to have a positive and productive final product.


I work on a PC only and am proficient in the following programs:

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe PhotoShop

Adobe lnDesign

Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe PageMaker (discontinued, but shows my age, LOL)


Gerber Omega


Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft PowerPoint


I have a good eye for type design and letter formation and how they come together to communicate information as clearly and creatively as possible. Attention to detail is very important in graphic design and knowing that even the smallest of things can affect the outcome of a project is the key to success.


I am a fast worker and get very focused when I have a job to do. Working in the sign industry has given me a ton of experience redrawing images and logos from raster (jpg/png) into usable, clean vector images. Having some experience drawing illustrations in my personal life I am looking forward to doing some illustration work soon. 

From beginning to finish, whether the designs to be created are crafted from the clients
vision or custom-created to realize the clients imagined vision, my attention to detail, discipline
and focus will result in complete satisfaction for the client

I'd love to give you a free quote on your next project. Contact me today!

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